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安室奈美恵 Pic spam Set.02

安室奈美恵 Pic spam Set.01

Pics from my twitter favourites!!
Namie bunny2
Namie with Bunny ears~!

Namie hat2

Namie hat3
Lovely hat~!

Namie pink

Namie preciousbeau

Namie preciousbeau2

Namie preciousbeau3

Namie queenofhp

Namie smile

namie smile 2

Namie tattoo
And this I get a closer look at her tattoos. How did they even shoot this?? lol.

Namie pic spam ~April

Some Namie to spam now. Just realised it's pretty fast to upload picts here!! =)

namie black white

Namie bunny

Namie class

Namie face

Namie hat

Namie party

Namie pinkhat

Namie Schuniform

Namie sexy

Namie sunny

Namie Picts

This made my mood better. I will upload more to get over the concert cancellation thing. haha.

Missing the young ayu

Feel like listening back to old ayu songs like more than 10 years ago. =)

Well, maybe cos I've just voted for the A Best Live songs and would love Ayu to sing some of those older songs tat aren't that popular but is lovely to me.

Anyway, I have had my disappointment over her A Classical release (in which I mentioned a little over at the previous post. So her 5 releases are:
1. LOVE mini album
2. again mini album
3. A Classical remix album
4. LOVE again full length album
5. Arena Tour 2012~Hotel Love songs~

In all, I'm only satisfied with full length album. haha. I really think her 5 releases are not that special afterall since there's no really big surprise to me. I expected the concert DVD and the 2 minis to full length album makes me kinda stunned cos it's a bit wasted u can find the same songs in the full length. Not nice to see the song repeated unless is a compilation album. Argh. But that's wat turned out to be...

There are so many posts/updates at weibo I dun think I can ever finish looking at it. lol. I didn't really know what to do with that for now.

Dun wanna end this post just like that so just posting an Ayu  pict for fun.

I love those eyes!! and her bracelet!! In fact everything about this picture!! It's too gorgeous! I like this where Ayu ties her hair like that. It reminds me of her RAINBOW era.. She used to tie her hair like tat in this past. I'm so missing this now. =)

Alrights. I got an urge to listen to her RAINBOW album now. lol. Will update soon! 


My First post~

I just decided to have a LJ account~!

Well, I will post more at blogger cos I'm more used to it there and that's my main blog. I will post at LJ sometimes of cos. I love how I can see so many great news at LJ community. Now is my time to slowly get familiar with this place. It sort of looks complicated to me. lol. Anyway, I will post different things here and at blogger of cos, I dun like repeat post at different blogs. Makes no difference. I wonder wat shall I let this blog be... 

I've also created a weibo account. Still new. Well then maybe I shall post things from what I've seen there. hmmm... 

A classical

Ayu's 3rd release for the 5 consective ones will be known as A Classical~!! But there's just so little info on this now. I wonder will this be a remix album. If it's just like MY STORY CLASSICAL I'm okay with it. but if it's just a name which uses her old songs and have all sorts of remix I dun think I will like it at all. I just like acoustic orchestra remix only. There isn't much acoustic orchestra remix album for Ayu. Yes there are for her older albums. But now there isn't much anymore. Anyway, originals are still the best. Somehow I think remix will ruin the song. It sounds horrible to my ears I can't even listen to the entire song. So.... let's see how A Classical will turn out to be! So looking forward to the covers!